Neo Feudal 2


This second image done as part of a collaborative effort, deals with the increasing political isolation and state protection of the large financial institutions despite growing popular discontent and protest. It subverts a Financial Times advert, placing the architectural symbols of financial power inside a fortified compound protected by the police.

Although neo-liberal economic markets operate ever more towards network decentralization at the political level, they tend to concentrate assets at the physical one.

Architecture has always been employed as an expression of political power on behalf of those in positions of social control. Today’s corporate headquarters represent the physical nodes of global capital’s power, modern day fortresses which support a global economy. Bejeweled, transparent, and open (as is the modern fashion), when protected by the state, they are no less impregnable.

The image points to the complicity between corporate capital and state social control.



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  2. Richard Reep wrote:

    Your permission please to repost an image of neo-feudal city as an illustration to my essay “What comes next”

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