Neo-Feudal 1


This is a vision of the city with its political direction made architecturally explicit. Space is at a premium – when surrounded by an ocean of slum dwellings, only productive citizens are offered protection within the city walls. Three barriers segregate the political community, Truth, Knowledge and Power. Progression through each barrier is made via a gate, a test which must be met before admittance is allowed. In this way a rigid hierarchy is maintained as the urban fabric is moulded to fit the political order.

Its the beginning of a series of drawings called Neo-Feudal that i’m working on.


The drawing coalesces a series of thoughts about the developing political scenario and how it might affect the urban landscape. Taking as a starting point the military fortifications of Renaissance Europe, the drawing interrogates the idea that we are reverting to an increasingly protectionist, stratified and militarized urban landscape.

The image is conceived as a series of conceptual barriers which prohibit entry to the higher parts of the city.

The first barrier is a concrete one.

The second barrier is an educational one.

The third barrier is a financial one.



  1. Klaus wrote:

    This drawing and the folloging one are just plain amazing. Well thought and beautifully executed. You’ve got a fan.

  2. Chris Russell wrote:

    Cool concept well rendered. I like this very much.

  3. Ingaberg77 wrote:

    In a direct response to the Paris killings, EU citizens who travel outdoors the bloc and then return to carry out attacks will be regarded as as foreign fighters, and those helping their movement will also face prosecution.

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